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Yellow Labs

Labidochromis Caeruleus. The parents are bright yellow with no barring. All sizes available.

Females are almost identical to males.
Pseudotropheus Saulosi

Pseudotropheus Saulosi young. Prime parents. 1 inch. F1.

Females are bright yellow/orange, popular choice.

Labidochromis Nkhali

Beautiful fish belonging to the lab family, Black & white fish are very rare in lake malawi.

Females are white all over and the same as white labs
Pseudotropheus Acei Ngara

Really nice fish with distinctive white tail. Also known as acei white tail. F1

Female are almost the same making these a good choice.

1" 4.50 each

All Reserved 1" 5  2" 6.50  1" 5  2" 6.50
Pseudo . Orange cap

Pseudotropheus Perspicax. Beautiful pale violet / orange cap. Very different. 1"

Females are similar, however not as bright.
Pseudotropheus Demansoni

Very popular choice & very distinguishable. Recommended to be kept in groups of 8+.

Females are almost identical to males so popular choice.

Pseudo Elongatus Flavus

Pseudotropheus Flavus young 1". These have a bumble bee pattern/colour.

Females are similar, however not as bright.


Pseudo Acei Luwala

Acei yellow tail. Very placid fish that grows reasonably big (6") . F1

Females are almost identical making both sexes nice.

1"+ 5.00

1" 6.00 2" 8 Growing on 1"5
Pseudotropheus Neon Spot

 Pseudo elongatus neon spot. Beautiful black with with vibrant blue markings on top.

Females are similar, however not as bright.


Pseudotropheus Polit

Absolutely stunning fish. Very pale body with dark face. F1. 1 inch.

Females are a mottled grey & not as bright.


Cynotilapia Afra Cobue

Nice edition if your into your afra's. It's very hard to find good quality cobue.

Females are similar, however not as bright.


Cynotilapia Afra Jalo Reef

A stunning afra with vibrant colours, F1

Females are similar , however not as bright.

1"5  2"6.50

1"+ 10 1" 5  2" 6.50 1" 6 2" 7
Pearly White Zebra

A beautiful white fish with pearl effect that really stand out from the norm.

Females are pretty much the same

Metriaclima Aurora

These are beautiful chunky fish with vibrant yellow markings. F1

Females are mainly grey.


Pseudotropheus Chailosi

Pseudotropheus elongatus chailosi. Nice combination of blue & yellow. F1

Females are similar but not as bright.


Labidochromis Hongi

A fine example of one of my favourite Labidochromis. F1

Females are sometimes dark in appearance.


Out of stock

1" 5  2" 7 1" 5   1" 5  2"+ 7
Labidochromis mbamba

Very vivid markings with a dark face & yellow tips to their fins. 1 inch. F1

Females are similar, however not as bright.



Cynotilapia Afra Hara

Powder blue with vivid black markings. NIce Afra's. 1 inch F1.

Females are similar, however not as bright.


Melonochromis Johanni

Striking black and blue, These are my favourite melonochromis. Tank bred.

Both genders are very nice, Females are bright orange.


OB Trewavasae

Stunning fish. These are known as orange blotch. Marble type markings

Females are the same making these a good choice .


1" 5 2" 6.50 1" 5.00  2" 6.50 1" 5 2" 6.50 2" 7

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